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Your first visit is free!

Drop-in Visits

Drop-in visits are 10-15 minutes visit. We will stop by the client's house and feed, change water, take the pet outside or give them attention depending on the kind of pet (if it’s a dog, bird, cat, bunny, etc). We will follow the client’s requirement on how they would like to spend the 10-15 minutes visit.

$20 per Visit

30 Minutes or 1 Hour Visits

30 and 1 hour visit are walks and some quick change of water or food. We will follow the client’s requirement on how they would like to spend the 30 minutes or 1 hour visit.

$25 per 30 Minutes Visit | $35 per 1 Hour Visit

Group Walks

Group walks are with a maximum of 4 dogs per group. We take them on parks and trails that dogs are allowed to walk without leashes. Before the dog is free without leash, they need to be used to the care giver (usually takes 7 visits because we need to make sure that the dog is following directions). The time and group description differs from dog’s location. Limited spots.

$40 per Dog (Including Pick-ups and Drop-offs)


Overnights are that we will stay with the pet for the night. Includes breakfast with a 15 min walk after breakfast, a mid day 30 min walk, and dinner with a 15 minutes walk. Usually the pet goes outside just for a pee before bedtime.

$70 - $100 per Night


Bordering is when the pet comes to stay day and night with us. Food must be provided by the owner. We provide bed, toys, pads, and water. Check in and check outs are at 6pm unless confirmed by a pet sitter at another time. Limited spots.

$40 per Dog | per Night


Daycare is when the dog comes to our pet care building. This is limited spots and we pick them up and drop them off. The daycare is open from 9am to 4pm. But the pick ups are between 9am and 11am. The drop offs are between 2pm and 4pm.

$40 per Dog | per Day

Pet Taxi

Pet taxi is when the client has a vet appointment or a groomer appointment that the owner cannot take them. Limited of 4 pets per van.

$20 for Pick Up and $20 for Drop off

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